What is health? How to reach it ?!
What is good health?
Health is the key to living well, physically, mentally, and socially.
Health is not the absence of ailments, but it is often said that good health is what causes illness or physical problems.
Here are four reasons why good health is the foundation. 1) Genetically 2) Situationally 3) Relationships 4) Education
Healthy eating plans, physical training, prompt knowledge of illnesses, and good strategies to eliminate them are all ways to improve one's health.
World Health Organization WHO - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION In 1948 , the definition of health was, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease or infirmity."
The basic premise of well-being is mental and physical health, which is now expanded to include spiritual health, emotional health, and economic well-being. Health and well being can be summarized as living in peace of mind and body without stress.
Physical health
Proper balanced diet, physical training and adequate rest are essential for all the body movements to function properly without any illness.
Physical health is about keeping the lifestyle without risk, ie.
Proper breathing gives good health to the movement of the heart, muscle strength, flexibility and body structure. In addition, risk-free work, risky workplace, proper sex, avoiding tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol, and abstaining from drugs and banned drugs are essential to health.
Mental health
It is not easy to define the right kind of mental health. Because it all depends on how you look at each situation and experience.
Mental health is not just about depression and anxiety.
Mental health is all about enjoying life for fun, recovering from problems, always being balanced, resilient when it comes to danger, and always safe and fearless.
Health and mental health are interdependent.
If a person lies in bed with a chronic illness, he or she will get depressed; Mentally ill.
The psychoanalyst makes the body youthful; Reducing efficiency.
Genetically ailments can create health problems. Living in bad circumstances can also lead to poor health.
The World Health Organization states that the following factors can affect one's health:
Where one lives and how his or her surroundings Genetic factors One 's income One 's education                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Social causes include; How much money a family has or what kind of community he or she is based on.                                            
Whether he is mosquito-free in his habitat
Habits, habits of life - these are what one chooses as his or her choice
How to achieve good health
We must immediately choose a healthy lifestyle.
Good health means checking all of the above every day to keep ourselves from the evil.
The Right Guidance (The articles published in the Healthcare magazine you read are the perfect guide)
Proper diet plan
Perfect physical exercises
Periodically check the body before the illness
Maintaining mental health
Eliminate cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol and drugs
Take a positive and positive attitude called Positive Outlook
Establishing Relationships
Learning to live in harmony with the community
Making our values ​​of our lifestyle higher
All these will ensure a wonderful healthy life, mentally, physically and socially.
All we need to do is to immediately make a check list and check it out and that's it!
Taking paper and pen is just the first step !!