The great mathematician Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan is the name of one such Indian talent that not only India but the whole world is proud of. At the age of just 33, hardly any scientist and mathematician has done so much as Ramanujan did. It is surprising that despite not taking any formal education, he made such unique discoveries in the field of higher mathematics that made his name forever immortal in this field. It was the misfortune not only of India but of the whole world that at the age of thirty-three years, this seeker of mathematics went on to the other world due to tuberculosis.
Ramanujan was rich in prodigious talent since childhood. You will be surprised to know that he himself learned mathematics and during his lifetime compiled 3,884 theorems of mathematics. Most theorems given by him have been proved correct by mathematicians. On the strength of his talent, he drew many fundamental and unconventional results in the field of mathematics, which is still being researched. Recently, Ramanujan's mathematical formulas were used in crystal science. Ramanujan Journal has also been established for the work being done in the areas of mathematics affected by his work and to honor this great mathematician.
Srinivasa Ramanujan / Srinivasa Ramanujan could not live long, but in his short life he compiled theorems around 3900. Most of these theorems have been proved correct. And most of his theorems are known by people. The results from his greats such as Ramanujan Prime and Ramanujan Theta are very famous. This is one of his important theorems. He has also published his work in his international publication Ramanujan Journal, so that his mathematics experiments can be known all over the world and they can be used all over the world. His international publication had become famous all over the world, and many people were also impressed by his incredible contribution in the field of mathematics.
The greatest mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22 December 1887, 400 km from Madras in the state of Tamil Nadu, located in the southern part of India. Took place in a small village called Erode in Coimbatore in the far southwest. He was born in a traditional Brahmin family. His mother's name was Komaltammal and his father's name was Srinivasa Iyengar. Ramanujan's father used to work as an accountant in a cloth merchant's shop here. When Ramanujan was one year old, his family moved to Kumbakonam. His childhood was spent mainly in Kumbakonam, which is known for its ancient temples.
childhood :
Ramanujan's intellectual development in childhood was not like that of ordinary children. He did not even learn to speak until he was three years old. When Ramanujan did not start speaking till such a great age, everyone was worried that he would be dumb. At the age of 10, Ramanujan had developed a special affection for mathematics. Ramanujan loved asking questions. His questions sometimes seemed very strange to the teachers. 
Like - who was the first man in the world? What is the distance between earth and clouds? When he was in the third form, one day the teacher of mathematics said while teaching, "If three bananas are distributed to three persons, then each one will get one banana. Even if 1000 bananas are divided into 1000 persons, each will get only one banana. This way proves that if any number is divided by the same number, the result will be 'one' .
Marriage and Mathematics Practice:
In the year 1908, his parents married him to a girl named Janaki. After marriage, it was no longer possible for them to forget everything and drown in mathematics. Hence, he came to Madras in search of a job. He did not get a job due to not passing the XII examination and his health also fell badly. Now on the advice of the doctor, he had to return to his home in Kumbakonam. After recovering from illness, he came back to Madras and started looking for a job again. 
Whenever he met someone, he used to show him a register of his own. This register contained all the work done by him in mathematics. At the same time, at the behest of someone, Ramanujan met Mr. V. Ramaswamy Iyer, the deputy collector there. Iyer was a great scholar of mathematics. Here, Mr. Iyer recognized the genius of Ramanujan and after asking the District Magistrate Mr. Ramchandra Rao, arranged a monthly scholarship of Rs. 25 for him. 
On this instinct, Ramanujan published his first research paper in Madras for a year. The title of the research paper was "Some properties of Bernoulli numbers" and this paper was published in the Journal of Indian Mathematical Society. After completing one year here, he worked as a clerk in Madras Port Trust. Fortunately this job has a workload There was not much and they used to get enough time for their mathematics here .
Major works of Srinivasa Ramanujan :
        Ramanujan and most of the work done by him still remains an enigma for scientists. In his journey to surprise the whole world by taking birth in a very common family, he gave India unprecedented glory. Srinivasa Ramanujan is also mostly known as the mathematician of mathematics. Lonhard Euler and Karl Jacobi, the great men of that time, also liked him. In which Ramanujan practiced the division function P (n) with Hardy. He always kept in mind zero and infinite and took the help of mathematical formulas to explain its interrelationships. He is also known for his famous discovery, the Circle Method.

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