Meghnad Saha was a well-known Indian astronomer (astrophysicist). He is famous for rendering Saha equation. This equation explains the physical and chemical conditions in stars. A committee of scholars constituted under his chairmanship also amended the National Saka Almanac of India, which came into force from 22 March 1958 (1 Chaitra 179 Saka). He established two important institutions called Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics and Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.
Meghnad Saha was born 45 km from Dhaka in British India (present-day Bangladesh). Was away in the village of Shiortali. His father's name was Jagannath Saha, and due to poor Meghnad Saha's family, he had to struggle a lot to get ahead. He got his initial education in Dhaka Collegiate School and later he studied in Dhaka College. Meghnad Saha was also a student of Presidency College, Kolkata. From 1923 to 1938, he was also a professor in Allahabad University. After this, till his death in life in 1956, he was Professor and Dean of Science Faculty at Calcutta University. In 1927, he became a member of the Royal Society. He was the President of the Indian Science Congress of 1934.
Meghnad Saha was very fortunate to have a talented teacher and classmate. During his student life, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Sarada Prasanna Das and Prafulla Chandra Roy were at the peak of their fame. Satyendra Nath Bose, Gyan Ghosh and JN Mukherjee was his friend. He had a close relationship with the famous mathematician Amiya Chandra Banerjee at Allahabad University. According to religious facts, Meghnad Saha was an atheist.
He also contributed to the independence of the country. When the British government divided the state to break the Bengal movement in the year 1905, the entire Meghnad was also not untouched by it. The Governor of East Bengal at that time was Sir Bamfilde Fuller. During this period of unrest, when Fuller came to visit Meghnad's Dhaka Collegiate School, Meghnad boycotted Phullar along with his colleagues. As a result, Meghnad was shown a way out of school. Meghnad came in contact with the revolutionaries while studying in the Presidency College. At that time, joining the Anusheelan Samiti was considered the first lesson of the country service for the freedom-loving youth. Meghnad also joined this committee. Later Meghnad was also in touch with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and the country's first President Rajendra Prasad.
Year 1917 in Saha Kolkata the University College of Science at the Faculty of as the appointment is made. There he taught quantum physics SN Bose and with closely they Einstein and Minkowski by writing research papers in English for translation done.
1919 in the American Astronomy Physics Journal in meghnad Saha is research paper was published. This research paper in the Saha has ionization formula to render the. Astronomy, Physics of the region in this new discovery was that the effect far-reaching is , and then the made the many research their principles On the based used. In later Saha years of for Foreign moved to and London 's Imperial College and Germany as research laboratory in the research work done.
In 1927, in her London 's Royal Society of Fellows elected to the.
In after Saha Allahabad moved the base year 1932 in North State Academy of Science , " the establishment was. Saha 's Allahabad University 's Physics Department of the establishment of the important role played. Year 1938 in that Kolkata 's Science College to come to.
He Science and Culture called Journal of the establishment of and the last time to the editor are. He also contributed significantly in the establishment of several important scientific committees These leading the National Academy of Science (1930), Indian Physical Society (1934) and the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (1944) .
Year 1947 for his Institute of Nuclear Physics of the establishment of post in his name to Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics have been.
Attain high positions
In the year 1921, Dr. Saha went to England with the aim of advancing the knowledge and discovery work and from there again did many research work with leading physical scientists in Berlin. On his return to India, he was appointed as Professor and President of the Department of Physics at 'Allahabad University He remained in this post from the years 1923 to 1938. After this, he again went on to the post of Professor of Science in 'Kolkata University Indian Association of their appointment Kolkata in 1955. For the Cultivation of Science went to the office director. In 1956 he 'Institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkata established and became its director.

Pro. Saha always thought for the development of the country. The Damodar river valley project was the result of his visionary approach which benefited the people of these areas in the form of flood relief and irrigation. He accepted to go to the Rajya Sabha for massive industrial development in the country, to create a conducive environment for scientists and to change the face of India's economy.
In 1953 he Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science became director. Here he started many research facilities and realized the dream of its creator Dr. Mahendra Lal Sarkar.
Meghnad Saha was a great astronomer of India. He has an unforgettable contribution in the field of astronomy. The theory of thermal ionization proposed by him can be considered the basis of information on the birth of stellar atmospheres and its chemical organization in astronomy. The influence of his research in the field of astronomy was far-reaching and many of the later researches were based on his theories. The Saha equation attracted worldwide attention, and this summation became the basis for a detailed study of the stellar atmosphere. Meghnad Saha was an freedom fighter as well as an astronomer. He also had significant contribution in the field of Indian calendar.
International award
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