Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist and religious philosopher. Pascal created machine calculators while working on applied science, understood the properties of liquids and clarified the concepts of pressure and vacuum, furthering Torsaili's work. He also wrote articles in support of scientific method. At the same time, his works in religious philosophy also made a great impact.
His mother passed away at the age of 3 and his father brought him up. He was very talented since childhood. Seeing his talent, his father decided to teach and write them. From the age of twelve, he started sitting in meetings of famous mathematicians. Pascal was a highly regarded mathematician. He first started work in two main areas of scientific research - projection geometry, on which he wrote an article at the age of 18 and probability theory, on which modern economics and social science are based. Like Galileo and Torsaili, they strongly opposed Aristotle's statement "nature hates vacuum". Many of their conclusions were debated for a long time, but were eventually accepted.
In 182, he made a machine calculator to make his father's calculation work easier, which is today called "Pascal calculator". Through the science of materials, he invented the hydraulic press and syringe.
In 4, he along with his sister adopted the Jainism stream of Catholicism. His father died in 1851. In 1858, there was a spiritual realization, after which he left scientific research and started focusing on theology and philosophy. His two most famous works are from this period. In Lathre Provincial (Lettres provinciales, Provincial Papers), Pascal strongly condemned the Catholic Church's soft attitude towards sin. Writers such as Voltaire and Zanac Rousseau were influenced by the style of these letters. It was banned by the Church shortly after publication, but then Pope Alexander accepted the arguments made in it and condemned the Church's soft approach itself. The second work was the Pensées, which was published after his death by collecting his scattered papers.
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Pascal 's Law
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Mathematics of work
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Blaise Pascal 's Precious Thoughts
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